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ku syukuri nikmat dan rahmat Ilahi, yang tak pernah putus diri ini memiliki, moga diri terus berdiri, melangkah dan gagah berlari, mengejar cita-cita nan suci, dalam mencari redhaMu ya Rabbi ..

The Price of Freedom April 12, 2010

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Last post before xm.. didicated to brothers and sisters in Palestine and around the world (T-T).

I won’t let u down ..



Most people are taught and seek to be free,

For different places, you’d see differently,

“Choose your own path” as many would say,

But nothing actually comes without a pay

For what we search for was never cheap,

Throughout the history people sacrifice,

Some would spend nights without sleep,

While others would even give their lives

What do human see in freedom?

To have a place to call home?

To give so much in return,

Yet so much spent to mourn


For what we seek is not here

What we look for is actually there!


Don’t ask why they threw stones and fought,

We clearly know what they sought,

For we know why but we put doubt,

Just that we don’t give it enough thought to support


We think we could discourage them by not being aware,

We know deeply they don’t even care,

We choose to support their enemies with such ease,

Even as they fight for all including those who sit in please


Each day they wake up in hope,

They struggle in life to a bigger scope,

While we face dawn with such depress,

We suffer through life just to have less


Aren’t we ashamed to have our wrights fought?

Not by our bare hand,

To sit back and just watch,

As they shed blood upon the holy land


We live our normal lives,

Happy among side our family,

But our heart seek to find it,

Something that would just be the ultimate key


The key to what they call freedom,

Free from a life bounded so narrow,

Free from everything that brings sorrow,

So free eager to see tomorrow


While they fight they don’t suffer,

When they cry nothing linger,

As they starve they don’t hunger,

For everything is the price they offer


This is the price to freedom,

The freedom we speak,

The freedom we seek



Qayyim Hafidzi

DK – 2010 (mengenang konvensyen AQSA SYARIF seMalaysia)


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