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ku syukuri nikmat dan rahmat Ilahi, yang tak pernah putus diri ini memiliki, moga diri terus berdiri, melangkah dan gagah berlari, mengejar cita-cita nan suci, dalam mencari redhaMu ya Rabbi ..

Not the primerose path February 7, 2011

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Assalamualaikum fellow readers.

It was quite a while i left Vit B Complex (VBC) un-posted.

I do really apologize for that.

Times running so fast without i realized. hopefully it was filled with good deeds and ibadah,

ameen T-T.

There were lots of things happen for pass a month.

And yet this small so called blog-world, wont give ample space to share with.

I’ve got this driven force to pen some words here from our muslim-brother named Mas Afzal.

There might be many of you know him very well, even if u not seen him face-to-face, you may know him from his Not The Primerose Path, as i am.

I confess that i did cry when i read his beautiful way of writings.

He wrote about his pain and yet he will always end it with what we call redha.

Starting from the first he being diagnosed to have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to his very end of life, he never fail to give us inspiration about endurance, have faith in Allah, optimist, patience, and all words that can describe about stand firm to fight to the end.

Easy said then done, right?

Fight to the end.

Actually, it’s not only about fighting for our life here, but far most important is to fight for life in hereafter.

Trials and tribulations are part of our life.

And this is how Allah shows His love certainly in unique way.

“…God loves those who put their trust in Him” (Surah Al-Imran, 3:159)


We may dislike even hate with something that has being wrote for us.

Or we may like or love something that not meant for us.

And indeed, Allah knows the best.

“…and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” [2:216]


And for today to the end, let us fight with almight for everything that we have.. for everything that we dream of.

Have faith in Allah, and don’t ever loose hope.

You are not alone.

Everything happens for a good reason.

p/s : T-T – Al-Fatihah